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Special Emphasis for Lent, 2018
Covenant Groups

 Lent, 2018, is just around the corner. It begins with Ash Wednesday on February 14th and concludes with Easter Sunday on April 1st.  Again this year, we have a wonderful adventure planned for our congregation as we provide a special focus during this time on Covenant Groups.

What are Covenant Groups?
Covenant Groups are groups of 6-8 people who meet together weekly to provide accountability and
encouragement for participants on their spiritual journey.

Why “Covenant Groups”?
When John Wesley began the Methodist movement, the central way people maintained accountability and consistency in their personal discipleship was to join together in small groups called “classes” or “bands”.  Many Methodist churches are looking for ways to focus on this 
time-honored way of connecting God’s people with each other and to a closer spiritual walk with Christ in the great tradition of John Wesley.

Here are some details:

  • Covenant groups will be offered at a variety of times in hopes that one meeting time or another will work for your schedule.
  • You will be assigned to a group with ideally 6-8
    members, no fewer than 4.
  • The first group meeting, you will make a covenant with the other group members with goals centered around these areas: (1) how you connect with God and other Christians; (2) your plans for individual spiritual growth; and (3) your plans for mission and service.
  • Your group will follow a set discussion format each week for one hour touching base about these three areas in your covenant.  No outside study will be
  • You will share time in prayer for the things that are needful in your group.


Last year we had 250 participants and we hope to reach that goal again this year. We have recruited approximately 30 leaders who are receiving special training to provide them the skills necessary for this wonderful experiment.