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    Covenant Groups during Lent, 2019: The same, but a little different!!
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    For the past two years, many of our people have ventured out in faith to try a new focus for our Lenten practice. We offered the opportunity for our congregation to meet together in Covenant Groups for the six weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

    Some of our Covenant Groups from 2017 have continued to meet for two years and we love hearing the stories about how YOU have encouraged and supported and trusted each other as spiritual friends through these groups. So, we can’t wait to do this again!


    This year, the format of our groups will be slightly different. During Lent, Dr. Ed and 
    Rev. Laura will be preaching from the Parables of Jesus. Each week, your group will have a set of questions from the parable we focused on the previous Sunday. These will be simple questions encouraging you to dig a little deeper in the scripture passage and contemplate how it calls you further in your faith journey. Your discussion will be meaningfully connected to what we are doing on Sunday even if you didn’t get to hear the previous week’s sermon!


    Register online by clicking the link below! There are lots of different meeting times for you to choose from. We are also very open to groups forming more organically—you coming together to meet with people who are already part of your peer group here at church. But let us know you are meeting so we can celebrate your group, get the questions to you and make you a part of our communication network.


    Our Wednesday nights will also have a special focus during Lent. Dr. Glaize will NOT be teaching as usual after Wednesday suppers, but will instead do a brief meditation on the parable for the week and then allow time for table discussion around the weekly Covenant Group questions. He will bring the groups together again after an hour for prayer and “sending forth.” These table groups will not require registration and will be formed casually after supper each week among those who are in attendance. 


    Please note: we could still use a few Covenant Group Facilitators willing to lead some evening groups. If you have been on the fence about leading a group, please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to commit. We can certainly still add slots to our registration information. 


    Please, commit to this very Wesleyan way of coming together as God’s people during Lent this year. Enter into the process prayerfully and expectantly and we will see what God wants to do!