MARCH - JULY 2018


Need help with yard work, cleaning out the house, painting, babysitting or more?
Hire a youth trying to raise funds for their summer mission trip!


Important details to note:


1) Please allow a minimum of 1 week for help to be assigned to your job needed.


2) Fill out form below completely. Give all available contact information.


3) The rate for work is $10 per hour but please feel free to donate more to the student based on performance.


4) Once the student has contacted you, please make sure you have their personal contact information in case of cancellation.


5) Rachael Waldhour & Michael Spicer are assigning students. Please feel free to call them at 251-928-1148 for further explanation or questions.


6) Our students really do want to help! Please remember these are middle school and high school students and they will need a full explanation of the job needed, what to bring, etc. Let us know the nature of the job below, we will be happy to determine which students to send to get the job done well. 


7) There is a 2 hour work minimum for students. Even if you believe the work will be completed in 30 minutes, we ask that you consider paying them for the 2 hours due to the gas and transportation involved in getting the students to and from your location.



YES, I WANT TO HIRE A YOUTH!  (Complete form below)


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