High School Summer Mission Trip

Puerto Rico

June 29 - July 6 2019

Open to rising 10-12th graders

Deposit: $100

Final Cost: $950


(Important Details: Every student & adult will need an official form of Identification but it does not require a passport. Cost includes housing, meals, airline only)


With the recent devastation due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico. Our High School Mission this year will be teaming with Praying Pelican Mission to help the People of Puerto Rico. 

Prepare to be welcomed as part of a family the moment we enter the community in Puerto Rico. Local pastors and churches are known for inviting Praying Pelican Missions teams into their homes and treating them as honored guests. Puerto Rico mission trip will give you an opportunity to experience a rich culture and serve among a people with a great passion for the Lord.

Our team will be working with, the local church and its community. The Pastors in Puerto Rico are being faced with the difficult challenge of assisting and ministering to their community with limited resources. With ministry partners all over the Island of Puerto Rico, our team will have an opportunity to go where the help is needed most.

We look forward to doing whatever is required of us to help the people of Puerto Rico!


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