September 23, 2019

    Many people are now considering using a columbarium as the final resting place for themselves or their loved ones. Cultural norms about burial methods have changed over the years due to fiscal and environmental concerns, and to the growing acceptance that there is nothing theologically or spiritually wrong with cremation as a means for dealing with one’s earthly remains. The body that is left behind is not the person who has departed into eternity, but one does want to handle those remains with the utmost decorum and respect. Cremation and inurnment in a columbarium is a very appropriate means by which a family can ensure their departed ones cremated remains are in a place of dignity.

    Fairhope United Methodist Church wants to provide a final resting place for persons who love this congregation and where people can come to reverently remember the lives of people they hold dear. The location of the columbarium fits into the master plan of the church with the design promoting serenity and a reflective atmosphere. It is the hope of the Columbarium Team that many who are tied to this church will select the Fairhope UMC Columbarium as their final earthly resting place.

    I can imagine a very meaningful and beautiful service taking place in our marvelous sanctuary and then a dignified procession taking the ashes of a faithful servant of the Lord to be laid to rest in the nearby columbarium. There is no more fitting way to conduct a service of remembrance and resurrection than to keep the whole memorial process on our church grounds.

    I commend the efforts of the Columbarium Team to you. They have done outstanding work.

    Yours in Christ,
    Darren McClellan, Senior Pastor

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