We offer several options for Adult Spiritual Growth on different days of the week and during the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.  Registration for these classes begins in August with a September start.  Seasonal drop-in classes are available. 

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Adult Sunday School Classes

Basics (B217)

Our class is geared toward young couples (twenties to early thirties) who are parenting young children or newly married.  This discussion oriented class explores a Biblical perspective on issues relevant to every day living. If you are new to the church or new to Sunday School, you will find a warm welcoming community here with planned social opportunities outside of class.

Foundations (B215)

Foundations is geared toward young couples or individuals (late twenties to early fourties) parenting elementary to middle school age children.  This discussion oriented class explores a Biblical perspective on issues relevant to every day living.  If you are new to the church or new to Sunday School, you will find warm welcoming community here with regular social opportunities outside of class.

The Pathfinders (B210)

The Pathfinders Class is a class for adults with school age children, although all are welcome.  6-12 week studies will focus on life application of Scripture to familial and cultural issues in society.  Lessons taught by several different class members.

Abide (Conference Room - adjacent to the sanctuary)

This class is for adults who are interested in "following Christ through interactive study of Scripture; fostering community and practical witness."  Includes study outside of class time.  Mostly 40's & 50's.   

New Beginnings (B209) 

New Beginnings reaches adults in their 40s, 50s & 60s, many of whom have children in High School or college, or are early empty nesters.  Rick Miller leads the class in a discussion format as a variety of Biblical and topical studies are explored.  The class enjoys video based curriculum and has the best Christmas party in Adult Sunday School! 

Homecoming (B207)

This class led by Rick Chastain has a clear primary emphasis on Bible study and issues surrounding the study of scripture.  Participants meet comfortably around tables for a combination of lecture and discussion.  Periodic social events help build community among class members.  If you are looking for a class with friends age 50 plus, this may be the place for you.

Living Word (B212)

You will find a Spirit-led and Spirit-filled study of God's Word in this class.  Doug Garner teaches through in-depth lecture and spirited discussion  of the Bible following the United Methodist International Lesson Series.  The age of participants spans several decades and singles and couples faithfully participate.

Koinonia Class (B204)

Tony Caminiti leads this class in a challenging  exploration of various Biblical and topical studies.  Sometimes the class's understanding of the material is enhanced by an audio or video presentation followed by discussion.  Prayer is an integral part of the group's time together.  The predominant age is 50s plus. 

fellowship Class (B211)

This class is ably led by Sally Oeding. Lessons are a detailed study of scripture each week based on extensive research.  Don't expect to move quickly through the Bible, but to savor and dig deep for the rich meaning to be found there.  You will find married, single and widowed folks in this class from around mid fifties and up. 

Friends In Faith (Wesley Hall)

This class is generally a discussion-oriented study of the Holy Bible.   Participants enjoy regular social activities and form a caring community for their members, all the while emphasizing involvement outside their class as they support many other ministries in the church. Class leaders are Carol Willis, Joe McGilberry, Lee Frailie, Ed Colvin and 
Joe Bullington.  Mostly 50s plus.

Discovery Class Wesley Hall (B114)

The Discovery Class is an accepting and welcoming group of adults, age 60 and up.  Cecil Christenberry teaches this class using the UM International Lesson Series.  Class members will tell you just to come and get your "Cecil" fix each week! 

Matthew 18:20 Class (Loft - 2nd floor CLC) 

Matthew 18:20 says, "For where 2 or 3 gather in my name, there I am with them." This class is for adults of all ages who seek to know God's word through meaningful study, discussion, and prayer. Discussion topics are based on the Pastor's sermon series and are facilitated by class members each week. The class was formed by a group of church members who wish to serve the local community and beyond through sharing their time and talents with acts of kindness.


United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women are a link in a chain of a million women that reach around the world. We help support several foreign missions, local community projects as well as other local church needs. There are Circles that meet in the morning, afternoons and evenings. There is a time for everyone. Please come and join us. For more UMW information contact the church office by phone at 251.928.1148 or by email, .

fm3 - Fairhope Methodist Men's Ministry

This ministry by and for the men of our church and community is intended to provide an opportunity for the men of Fairhope United Methodist Church to get "tuned-in" to what God has intended for our lives with regards to serving Him through our family, our church and our community. The mission of fm3 is to: equip, enable, and encourage men to hear God's calling to be spiritual leaders in the home, at church and in our community.

This ministry is multi-faceted with emphasis on providing opportunities for men to "get connected" with other men, to provide stimulus and accountability as we all grow in our walk of faith. The men of fm3 host a monthly breakfast with guest speakers generally on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 am. In addition to the breakfast meetings we encourage our men to join a small group Bible Study or an accountability group. If you would like to get involved contact Jack Burrell by email: .