Counting Stars
What is Community?
Our first pursuit of this discovery will be through the lens of Scripture, beginning with the promise made to Father Abraham. “You shall be my people,” God says again and again. Abraham and Sarah’s descendants see the promise unfold, despite lives complicated by misfortune, weakness and life’s stumbling blocks. Does this promise still hold for us today? What is our responsibility?

Our second resource for this series will be Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block. The vision for his work is to:
  • Build the social fabric and transform the isolation within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole.

  • Shift our conversations from the problems of community to the possibility of community.

  • Commit to create a future distinct from the past.

This is a bold agenda, but one that speaks well to our sense of mission here at Fairhope UMC. We’re glad you’re here to join us in this ‘conversation.’  Below you will find a link to the 2020 Stewardship Packet as well as an online version of the Estimate of Giving card for your convenience.   Using the sidebar menu to the right, you can watch "Community Conversation" Videos centered around the current sermon series as well as the live feed from our Sunday worship services.

Welcome to the community!

2020 Estimate of Giving Card

Stewardship Packet