Middle school Mission Trip

Central Florida

Open to rising 7th-9th graders

June 18-22

Deposit: $100 

Total cost: $465

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All rising 7th-9th graders are invited to come serve on our middle school mission team this summer. We will be providing hurricane relief in some of the hardest hit areas. We will be continuing a partnership that we established between our church and other local churches in Florida. If you are interested in serving with us, please sign-up and pay your deposit online. Your student has the option of paying the trip in full or helping with fundraisers. There are scholarships available upon request. We will automatically add the email that you sign-up with to our information distribution list as well as notifications for all upcoming fundraiser opportunities.

High School Mission Trip

Scranton, Pa

July 2-8

Open to rising 10th - College

Deposit: $100

Final Cost: $850

( Cost includes housing, meals, & airline only)

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Come serve with our High School team throughout Scranton, Pa. We are partnering with Group Mission Trips. The city of Scranton is at a crossroads. It is a vibrant community with a chic urban vibe. The downtown is alive with magnificent restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other small businesses, and the surrounding neighborhoods boast some of the most eye-catching historic homes you'll find in the state, maybe even the country. Yet, the city itself is financially distressed, and living within its limits ha become increasingly more expensive and riskier; taxpayer have been asked to shoulder more fo the burdens and are choosing to flee the suburbs hinders to wallets. Due to the added financial stress of the staying or buying in the city, more longtime homeowners of modest income cannot afford to hire help to keep up withe their homes, and many, given the aging population, do not have the ability to do the work themselves. Neighborhood pride and morale are heading towards perhaps and all-time low. Folks know in their hearts that Scranton is a great place to live and can return to is heyday, but they also can use more reason to believe. the pick-me-up provided by an army of Work camp participants brightens neighborhoods and adds a far-reaching impact that lasts for years to come.